Storm King's Thunder

The quest continues...

In which there is much traveling and talking

From the personal journal of Sandy Littlemoor:
Flamerule 30 – Eleasias 1

We left Golden Fields for the Bargewright Inn the day after the monstrous attack on Golden Fields was repulsed. The road and the weather were quiet and for a change we were not ambushed by bandits! Instead we encountered a group of Knights of Samular and exchanged news with them but they didn’t know anything more than we did.

The Bargewright Inn turned out to be a walled community on a hilltop that has been built piecemeal over the years. It has a couple of towers for defense and reeks of manure and mud. Kind of reminded me of the slums of Waterdeep except the the odor wasn’t as bad. Shalvus Martholio led us to the inn at the center of the community which seemed to be the first building in the community. There were a good number of travelers, which was a surprise considering the fact that the ale wasn’t nearly as good as in Golden Fields. The customers of the inn were mostly talking banditry and bad weather. Most of the bandits have been men and humanoid species. A cult has been reported in Red Larch. The surviving cult members were sent to Waterdeep for justice.

Although the next day was rainy, we continued traveling and made good time because of extra equipment we purchased at Bargewright Inn. The place may not smell the best but they do serve traveler’s needs. On the road to Tribor, we heard about a caravan from Minabar getting wiped out even though it was heavily defended. Apparently two survivors were rescued by Harpers and taken to Red Larch.

Towards the end of the day we were once again attacked by bandits who were waiting in ambush for us. This time we responded like a well-oiled machine with me taking out the grunts while Barnabas, Gwyn, and Aunyx dealt with the big bosses. The bosses apparently were from some sort of water cult, using shields made of giant shells and a priest who had a fondness for ice bolts. He took a shot at me but my trusty shield spell saved the day and he ran for it before Gwen could whack him with her whomping big sword. We let one of the grunts live so he could tell us information (he didn’t know anything) and then we decided to take him to Red Larch for justice.

Barnabas went to get our horses while we made ourselves at home in the bandit camp and encountered a half elf running away from a Hill Giant. Barnabas displayed his usual cool bravery and rescued the unfortunate soul. He also displayed his usual rotten luck and got hit in the head by a rock from the giant so the two half-elves wound up rescuing each other.

The newcomer’s name is Harald Greyspear, a Bard by training and he’s a nice enough fellow. He is the sole survivor of an adventuring group that ran into more trouble than it could handle, a feeling I know all too well. That evening he told us of the Black Earth cult, who use earth elementals and stone armor. Now we’ve heard of 4 different elemental cults although another group of adventurers have broken up the Air cult. I hope so, they were a nasty bunch.

We got to Red Larch and turned the bandit over to Lead Constable Harburk Tuthmarillar. There is a darned big hole in the middle of the town which leads into an underground tunnel complex. Apparently the hole is how the adventurers broke into the complex. Impressive, even if it wasn’t subtle. The townsfolk must have seen a few sights before the fight was over. I will have to ask them for information that I can send back to Niloshis in our next report.

The constable sent us the an inn named the Swinging Sword, it’s a nice place but crowded because a lot of people lost their homes in the fight with the cult and even the inn was fire damaged. We heard that the people in the complex were part of the air cult we encountered earlier and that a lot of the horses in town died during the assault so they don’t have any spare mounts for us to reach Tribor, which is now 74 miles away. I’m glad that I don’t need to take up too much space. I handed out as much of my spare cash as I could afford to help the worst off people.

A halfling came from the north (where we are going) looking for help. The Netterby family is having troubles with a Fire Witch and would like some assistance. The family lives North northeast of Westbridge and is pretty well off. Perhaps they will have some ponies we can buy to replace some of the mounts we’ve lost in the last few days.

I’m going to suggest to Niloshis that the Harpers set up some sort of courier system to collect news about people who need help and connect them with people who want to help out. The whole northland is getting overrun these days and adventurer groups wandering around bumping into trouble seems to be the only solution. I bet we could come up with something more effective if we tried.



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