Storm King's Thunder

The Road North

Barnabas' Travel Notes

  • Red Larch was woefully lacking on supplies but we bought what we could before heading north, mostly feed for the horses
  • Athragar spotted a donkey on a hill, turned out to be a massive breed that is from Amphail. Had gear for a rider but had clearly been on his own for some time. Hill was near the Kryptgarden Forest, home to a dragon named Gnawbone and old dwarf ruins, likely where his rider met their fate. His name is now Sonny
  • Attacked that night by even more cultists turned bandit, something really needs to be done about them. Killed one with my bow, Sandy put some to sleep, Aunyx and Gwyn charged, Harald showed impressive skill with his rapier and apparently magic, and Athragar turned invisible and did gods know what
  • Cultists were of some earth god named Ogremoch, Sandy levitated one and severed his link to the earth which made it much easier to kill him. Kept one alive for information, apparently they were headed to meet at Westbridge after their base in Red Larch was destroyed. Not sure why they attacked us other than being simple highwaymen now
  • Cult had been involved in the demise of Harald’s friends so he killed the captive. There were no objections
  • Planned on sending Sandy into Westbridge invisibly to see if it had been overrun by cultists but we were attacked by a young purple worm before we could get too close to the city. Likely a servant of the cult, voluntarily or otherwise
  • Athragar ensorcelled the beast which distracted it enough to allow Aunyx to safely kill it. I kept the horses reigned in this time, don’t want to have to go chasing after them again after last time
  • Athragar kept the worm’s stinger to fashion a weapon, good thinking
  • Woman named Reetha approached us and confirmed that the cult had indeed taken over the town and destroyed several buildings. Why take it over if you’re going to wreck it?
  • Dreyon, the apparent cult leader, was confirmed to be in the town, apparently prosthelytizing to the townsfolk about the Cult of the Black Earth. Brought a hill giant with, probably not for his piety. Forty or so townsfolk apparently bought it, cult seems powerful but very arrogant, must have just swayed the weak-minded with force and lies
  • Hill giant has taken up residence in the stable while the cult has taken over the inn, seems like the best place to ambush, kill the giant in its sleep and maybe burn the inn down? We’ll see once we get a closer look



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