Storm King's Thunder

Of Course They're Bandits
Barnabas' Travel Notes

Flamerule 19

  • Group decided to explore the keep, Athrager and I couldn’t make the jump across the broken bridge so we swam instead – water was cold but pleasant
  • Parts of keep’s walls were collapsed and boulders strewn about the courtyard, giants clearly attacked here too – no signs of invaders or attackers on foot
  • Four guards remained in the keep, all that remains of the former garrison, leader Lady Nandar was killed in attack
  • Guards confirm it was giants, specifically four pale-skinned giants who bombarded the village before taking the nightstone and leaving
  • Villagers fled north to caves, apparently a plan already in place as the guards seemed familiar with the location – hopefully they’re still alive and not food for some beast in the wilds or worse
  • Heard the drawbridge lowering, Kella let in a group of men on mounts led by a half-elf named Zolkan – very suspicious, I knew they were bandits before they revealed as much
  • Fight went poorly, lost consciousness but Athrager and Gwyn held their ground, eventually making a truce with Zolkan to leave with his remaining bandits
  • Spent the next day resting and recuperating, tried to get the flying cat to come with us but it seemed skittish – I’ll get it to warm up to me yet
  • Athrager deciphered the demon door which was apparently just a ruse of a tiefling midwife, though a symbol of a devil was found so maybe it wasn’t just for show. Also, Sandy can apparently pick locks – why am I not surprised
  • Aunyx caught some fish for dinner, they were quite good – didn’t really think dwarves knew how to fish. Are there fish underground?
  • Dinner interrupted by an approaching orc warband, confronted them on the tower. They were already injured but still orcs, dumb and determined
  • Fight ensued despite trying to avoid one, killed the orc shaman, attempted to kill their leader Garrash but was unsuccessful. Remaining orcs routed by elvish hunters, likely the ones who attacked the orcs to begin with
  • Must remind the bard that he doesn’t actually have to start big fights to right the songs about them – he’s a bard, he can just make it up
Goblins Galore!
Nightstone Abandoned

From the personal journal of Sandy Littlemoor

Flamerule 18

Our group of Harpers was assigned to go to Nightstone to monitor tensions between the humans and the elves. I also personally wanted a chance to look at the stone for which the town had been named. The fact that the ale in the local tavern was supposed to be pretty good didn’t hurt either.

We arrived at Nightstone near sundown and found it to be on an island, well-fortified, and recently abandoned. The drawbridge was down so we snuck into town and and discovered that the Nightstone was gone and some other large rocks had fallen from the sky, they had hit the buildings and a few (now very dead) people. Our best guess was that some Hill Giants had thrown them from the outside and the townspeople had run away. Apparently a bunch of goblins and some wargs had noticed this and decided to play in the now-undefended town.

The goblins and the wargs had separated into a bunch of small groups to have fun in the abandoned buildings and one group of goblins kept ringing the temple bell. The noise from their activities and the gathering darkness kept them from noticing us and we dealt harshly with first the wargs and then each small group of the green-skinned vandals. There were some rough moments, for example, I caught an arrow in the gut and thought I was going to die but Aunyx healed me.

In the end, we killed or drove away all the marauders and pulled up the drawbridge for the night. We also found a human woman named Kella. She was knocked out when one of the big stones crashed through the inn roof but managed to avoid getting killed by the goblins by being sneaky. I’m not sure I trust her, she isn’t local to Nightstone but doesn’t want to talk about why she came to Nightstone. The way she kept away from the goblins makes me wonder if she isn’t a rogue of some sort (and they sometimes get into a lot of mischief).

She told us that Nightstone was bombarded by a castle floating on a cloud, which suggests that cloud giants are involved. But what’s so important about the Nightstone that they felt like the had to bombard the town to get it? Niloshis Quietwalker told me that it had a weak magic aura and some runes on it but nobody knows what they mean.

Aunyx wondered aloud why the goblins kept ringing the bell. Why did the wargs stick around during it? Were they left behind, left to guard or just moved in once the giants were done or for some other purpose? Were the wargs scouts or messengers?

Athragar wants to meet with the Elves and find out what they saw. We also think that the human survivors from the town probably ran to the Elves for protection.

There is a small keep, much the worse for wear, on the next island upstream and we saw a light in one of the windows when darkness fell. The group wants to visit it in the morning. Whoever is in there doesn’t appear to have helped out against the flying castle. But what could they have done? Giants are dangerous, here’s hoping the castle doesn’t show up again any time soon.


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