Storm King's Thunder

Golden Fields

Flamerule 27 - 29

An account by Aunyx Battleforge:

As a group we decided to track down the archmage Krowen Valharrow. Rumor was that he could be found in the farming community of Goldenfields. We flew in to the community in the giant’s flying tower and landed outside the village. (I wonder if they thought we were powerful?) Goldenfields is a huge community of Chauntea worshipers. Surrounded by 60’ walls, 30’ thick. Most people live in 100 person longhouses.

Once we were in the village we made our way to Northfurrow’s End an inn near the Goldengulp Brewery. The inn was run by Miros, who calls himself Yeti. Some members spent some time exploring the community and others stayed in the inn to gather information.

That evening we gathered for food and drink. The barbarian got drunk and wandered off to bed early and I recall the bard passing out. The halfling and myself stayed awake into the night.

Then of course my evening of drinking the local brew and playing chess was interrupted by a halfling coming into the inn shouting about an invasion of goblins and giants or something. Sandy and myself went storming out into the night to see what the threat was.

Nearby was an small force of giantkin. Two ogres and four bugbears plus various goblins. While taking a moment to review the situation they spotted me. So there was nothing to do but move in and blunt their advance. I gathered up my faith to shield myself and moved in until help could arrive. Eventually Gwyn, Barnabas and the Yeti arrived to help with the combat. An animated tree even joined the fray killing goblins and then eventually the remaining bugbears.

Most of the remaining scouting party made a break back to the wall. Well over a mile. The party went charging off. Some riding the tree like some sort of squirrels from what they told me firing arrows towards the enemy. When they got near the wall there were hill giants with some sort of trebuchet launchers on their backs launching rocks. I can only imagine the sight. I stayed behind and wandered over to the church until other villagers arrived. We then went about confirming that them running off wasn’t a diversion and other forces had been left behind. The villagers and myself cleared out some remaining goblins.

After the skirmish we went back to the Inn and rested. The following morning we had council with some of the prominent townsfolk. Much of the blame for the attack (or at least its success) was directed towards a half orc, the captain of the guard by the name of Strom Thunderblade who I’ve personally dubbed Thunderfraude.

Ultimately we need to determine if the giants attacked on their own or if someone else directed them. Also we expect that the conflict between the giants and dragons may have something to do with it. We decided to continue to try and find Krowen in the town of Tribore. Naxene Drathkala suggested we may want to seek out a dragon expert in Waterdeep named Chazlauth Yarghorn.

I was given a task by the acolyte Zi Liang (the uptight one) and a man named Shalvus Martholio wants to travel with us. Also if we make it to the town of Imbull we are supposed to visit the Staghorn Flagon.



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